JENNIE: Augusta University Health breast cancer surgeon is a breast cancer survivor



You know the statistics, one in eight women will be diagnosed with the disease. Breast cancer, is the second most prevalent cancer among women in the US, but millions are surviving the disease, thanks in part, to regular screening, and new technology.

Research has led to many improvements. One example of that, is a switch from two-dimensional to three-dimensional mammography several years ago. It helps doctors take a closer look at the breast. Technology is constantly changing to increase breast cancer survival rates.

Dr. Alicia Vinyard is with me now. She is a breast surgical oncologist at Augusta University Cancer Center and Dr. Vinyard is also a breast cancer survivor.  You were telling me just a little while ago, that you were, in your last year of medical school, you were all excited for your future, for your career, and you felt a lump.

Yeah, I was about towards the end of my medical degree and I felt a lump and I it was actually painful which most breast cancers are not painful. This one was bothering me, so I decided to have it looked at, I ended up getting a mammogram and ultrasound, and they actually said it looked benign, and to come back in six months. I was 25 years old, and I had no risk factors so it wasn’t a very alarming finding. So, I ended up just deciding to have it removed anyway because it was actually painful. And then I got a phone call from a breast surgeon three days later that it was invasive ductal carcinoma, that it there were positive margins, they would need to go back to surgery, and then they would also check my lymph nodes as well.

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