LOUISVILLE, GA. (WJBF) – Ten rural hospitals across Georgia are getting a share of a $9 million donation from the state Department of Community Health.

One of them is in Jefferson County.

Jefferson Hospital will get $900,000 from this grant. The money will go toward improving equipment and strengthening health programs.

“These grants allow us to provide better access to our community which is what our mission is, what our goal is,” Jefferson Hospital CEO Wendy Martin said.

In rural areas, it can be challenging for people to get the proper medical care. But, with the help of the Department of Community Health, communities like Jefferson County can rely on the resources nearby. 

“Having new equipment, bringing us kind of up to date with some of our things helps kind of visualize things that could be wrong that– you know– with older equipment you may not be able to,” Jefferson Hospital RN and OR Manager Stacey Smith said.

Providing extensive care like surgeries and programs like care coordination, makes the hospital more equipped to serve various needs.

“So this will improve patient care, improve efficiency in the O-R, so that’s a big piece– about $400,000 of the grant is going to that,” Martin said.

This grant will also allow the hospital to fund health programs including behavioral health outpatient care.

“It’s a smaller hospital, but it does big things– compared to bigger hospitals, the care, the treatment– phenomenal,” Jefferson Hospital Social Worker and Therapist Adrian Bellinger said.

With the funds from the grant, hospital leaders hope these programs will be able to better serve Jefferson County and beyond.