UPDATE, 9:12 A.M. – Jefferson Energy is now reporting 26 outages, affecting more than 1120 members.

Officials say they will be working through the day and night to restore all power.

WJBF – Jefferson Energy is reporting several outages across 7 out of the 11 counties that they provide power to.

According to Jefferson Energy, they have a reported number of 33 outages affecting 1205 members in Burke, Columbia, Richmond, Jefferson, Glascock, McDuffie, and Warren Counties.

Officials say they are working as safely and as quickly as they possibly can to get the power restored to those that are impacted by the outage.

Jefferson Energy is asking their customers to call 1-877-JEFFERSON or text “JECOUTAGE” to 1-877-JEFFERSON to report power outages.

Customers can visit the Jefferson Energy website to view the Outage Map for real-time information.