AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) – For some people living near Windsor Spring Road, the sound of gunshots is all too familiar.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on. I’m just glad I made it to 58,” John Day said.

Investigators said an argument at the Get N Go station on Windsor Spring Road ended with one person shot and killed and two others recovering from gunshot wounds.

“It is concerning because little kids get caught in the crossfire. Older people get caught in the crossfire, but these guys really don’t care,” Day said.

This year there have been several shootings near the Lumpkin road and Windsor Spring area — two of them deadly.

The shooting at Get N Go gas station brings the Richmond County homicide total to 24 for 2022.

“It’s just getting bad out here. I don’t know if we need more police officers or what, but it’s just getting out of hand,” William Dillabough said.

Some people living in the area said seeing people carrying firearms is a common sight.

“You can go in that store any time of the day and there’s people coming in and out of there with pistols hanging out of their pockets. I mean I see it every day. It’s going to turn into the Wild Wild West. That’s what it’s going to turn into,” Dillabough said.

However, the violence is something they want to see end.

“I believe that we all have to a better job of caring for each other and caring for our community and holding each other accountable when we do something wrong,” Naron Young said.