AUGUSTA (WJBF) – Black mold — that’s what Melissa Kilgore said she’s been living with for months.

You can see the mold in different parts of her apartment — from the ceiling to the vent, to the baseboards .

“You see it all the way down in the carpet. It looks like fuzz, but it’s not its mold,” Kilgore said.

She said its making her sick, she’s dealt with fatigue, skin issues and even lost her hair.

“All the nights of not being able to sleep, throwing up or not being able to eat. My hair just disappearing. It’s been a lot,” Kilgore said.

She said she feels the management team has been slow to respond to the issue, but simply moving out isn’t easy.

“I can’t afford to just up and leave. I have a lot invested in all my furniture and my belongings and now the spores from the mold.. that’s something that’s got to be replaced,” Kilgore said.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with the property manager for Springhouse Apartments — she said they have been notified of the issue and are sending a team to Kilgore’s apartment on Tuesday.

However, they could not confirm that it is black mold Kilgore is dealing with.

Kilgore said she just wants the issue resolved and for no one else to deal with what she’s gone through.

“Situations like this I feel like I can be a voice for the people that don’t have other options.”