McCormick, S.C. (WJBF) – People living in McCormick County hit the shelves early Saturday morning to get prepared for Sunday night’s ice storm.

“It looks like a riot, like after the riots in Detroit,”said Elbert Walls Sr. who lives in McCormick, South Carolina.

Elbert Walls Sr. is originally from Detroit. He says he’s not too worried about the Ice Strom but after going to Food Lion Saturday morning, he can’t speak for other people living in the town.

“Shelves are empty. Bread, milk, I’m like come on, it’s only going to be for two or three days, they acting like it’s going to be months,” said Walls.

Food Lion is one of the only grocery stores within city limits.

“People have gotten more bread and milk and propane. We have actually sold out of our propane,” said Abby Hayes.

Jennifer Baker was also stocking up on groceries for this weekend’s weather.

Baker says, “We did some bottled water, I got some snacks because we have three small children at home, we’ve got some things to make some soup and sandwiches. Some matches and wood, because we have a wood burning fireplace to help keep the house warm while we waiting the storm out to see what happens.”

Baker tells NewsChannel 6 that she’s experienced far worse than what’s expected on Sunday, and she wasn’t the only one.

“It’s excitement for us, we have three small children so we’re hoping for some snow,” said Baker.

“We lived in the south all our lives so we know what to expect. We’ve got our batteries, and water, we’ve got out emergency kit, and we know to stay in,” said Anne Utsman, a resident in McCormick.

Emergency Services Coordinator Jason Brown says staying indoors is your best option to stay safe while the storm passes over.

“No traveling at all, very minimal travel if you have to. Very slow, ice can get traction on it so, you’re going to fly, ” said Brown.

“We have geared up a little bit, we’re talking with the rest of the county about getting some of the 24-hour facilities running, we’re getting the sidewalks and stuff salted and everything. We’re kind of monitoring the weather, NWS is still kind of iffy about how much ice we’re supposed to get.”

Brown says they’ll have EMS workers on call for the duration of the storm.  

EMA officials say you should plan on being home and remaining there by late Saturday evening through Sunday.