AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- A 13-mile run. 56-miles on a bicycle. But some say the toughest part of an Ironman event, is the 1.2 mile swim.

Tamika Rouse competed in the swim portion for the first time this year.

 “I had a lot of nerves I was scared and because I never swim without holding my nose so I had to learn how to swim with the goggles without it but I never I never did it though I had to have a nose clip,’’ said Rouse.

For the second year in a row another Ironman swimmer died. 

Event organizers released a statement saying “During the swim portion of the race, the athlete required and received medical assistance before being transported to a nearby hospital where they passed away Monday.”

Athletes we talked to say before you even consider this kind of competition, it’s important to get guidance from a medical professional. 

“Always have to make sure that you are healthy so doctors consent to to give you the greenlight to start training you know if there is a local club contacting them first I know we do a good job here of introducing new people to the sport,’’ said Stacy Rush.

“You’re not gonna drown is so many people out here on the river to help you and just relax pace yourself I have to learn to pace myself and breathe,’’ said Rouse

There are groups out there that can get you ready for an Ironman, including Tri Augusta.

They help you train. They help you understand what you’re getting into.

“But certainly if you are going to do the swim you need to practice he need to get in the pool he need to get in to open water because I’ve been water is not the same as being in a pool you don’t have that black line it’s difficult to see and when you’re around other people for the first time swimming and you’re getting smacked in the head or kicked it can be really unnerving,“ said Rush.

Rouse and Rush say even though there are risks,  their experience was well worth it, and they hope to compete next year.