AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A woman attacked during a downtown Augusta nightclub brawl heals while investigators try to get to the bottom of what actually happened.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the incident on Saturday, August 3, behind The Scene nightclub on 12th and Jones Street.

But deputies were told conflicting stories, according to reports.

The altercation started inside The Scene nightclub and carried over to the parking lot of the IBEW. But that’s not where it ended. The entire brawl was caught on tape.

IBEW Office Manager Julie Sammons spoke with NewsChannel 6 about what happened, based on surveillance footage.

“The investigator came in from the DA’s office and wanted to know if we had heard about the incident behind us,” she told us.

That is, in fact, how Julie Sammons and her team at IBEW learned about fight captured on their cameras the night of August 3. She said she watched the playback and put copies in the hands of the DA’s office, the Sheriff’s office and a private investigator.

She added, “We could see a girl being held back by a guy. She was really trying to get away from him and he was holding her back. We saw another girl who was approaching that girl. And a guy came behind her, picked her up and carried her off.”

Sammons said law enforcement arrived later.

Two separate incident reports show conflicting stories from both sides. 24-year-old Brittany Stevens told deputies she was attacked by two women and that a man kicked her in the face. The two women, however, told deputies Stevens climbed over a handrail and pulled one of the victim’s shirt, exposing her chest.

Sammons showed NewsChannel 6 scratches on the IBEW handrail, but we spoke with Steven’s mother this week and she said her daughter was pulled despite defending herself.

“She is grabbed and snatched over this wall and railing and she hit the ground,” Donna Joyner told NewsChannel 6’s Autumn Johnson earlier this week.

Sammons also told us patrons of The Scene use the IBEW parking lot all the time and a lot of drivers leave trash and other unwanted behaviors show up on camera. She said the cameras help though and are a need since crime does happen in downtown Augusta.

“More deputies out patrolling would help us,” she suggested.

An ex-boyfriend of Stevens named in the report told deputies the two women were trying to start a fight with Stevens all night in the club. Two other witnesses said a man pulled the victim to the ground and kicked her leaving orbital damage under her eye.

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps