Investigators find source of mysterious substance found in Rocky Creek


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Hazmat crews are still working to find out what spilled into the water out at Rocky Creek, but they have been able to trace it back here to this tractor-trailer parking pad.

“Well, we didn’t know what was going or what we felt like, but we started having headaches,” said Dean Huckabee.

“I smelt something funny in my house…it smelt like kerosene gasoline…like a strong sewage smell”

Just a few descriptions of the odor that most people living in Rocky Creek Mobile Home Park smelled Wednesday morning.

“It smelt so bad that she got choked up and had to roll the windows up,” said Laura Dalton.

“We all probably have a little concerns, but if they’re working on it, I’m sure they’ll take care of the problem,” said Huckabee.

Jason Dehart with the Augusta Fire Department says state agencies like the Environmental Protection Division have been working to figure out what this mysterious substance is, and how it got into the water.

“Firefighters walked up and down the rocky creek to locate the source which is here on this tractor trailer parking pad,” said Jason Dehart, the public information officer with the Augusta Fire Department.

Dehart says once they found the source, they started setting up boons inside the rocky creek to capture that substance before it could further go downstream. Many people I spoke with today believe it’s some sort of gas or oil.

“Most of the odor has dissipated and substance removed, but it’s not complete,” he said.

And while environmental leaders say it is okay to come back outside, but there’s still some concern from people who live around here.

“It’s very scary, especially if it’s harmful and it killed all those fish in the pond, yeah it’s a definite big concern.”

Keep in mind that this is still an ongoing contamination investigation with no end in sight. NewsChannel 6 crews have been out there all day and have not smelled anything, but the people who live out there say they smelled a foul order, Thursday morning.

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