AIKEN, SC ( WJBF) — A three-page federal indictment details the charges leading federal investigators to issue an arrest warrant for 34-year-old Robert Wright.

Thursday SLED investigators say Wright died after being shot during an encounter with an A-T-F agent and a U-S Marshall officer.

Investigators say Wright was armed and multiple shots were fired by the deputy marshals striking Mr. Wright several times.

The federal indictment lists possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of firearm and drug trafficking as the charges against Wright.

Richmond County investigators say he was also arrested in connection with a shooting at 5150 nightclub in 2011.

His family says they’re still looking for answers regarding the shooting and the investigation.

” We have a lot of questions and none of that is being given to family at this time,” Tiffany Cail said.

Cail said despite the indictment she doesn’t believe the shooting was justified.

” If they were trying to serve him a warrant, he deserved his time in court. He should not have been gunned down. He did not return fire. He was not aggressive. We will seek justice for Robert Wright,” Cail said.

SLED is still investigating the shooting.