(NEXSTAR) – Reports of a “secret” chicken sandwich at In-N-Out are nothing but deep-fried deception, according to the restaurant.

In response to viral TikTok videos that purport to show customers ordering chicken sandwiches at its restaurants, In-N-Out has confirmed that no such item currently exists on the menu — and likely never will.

The videos began appearing on TikTok earlier this month. One, shared by a user named @andynot2021, claims to show the user order a chicken sandwich off the “secret menu” before cutting to a shot of the sandwich, dressed and wrapped similarly one of In-N-Out’s burgers.

“Wow, it does exist,” the Tiktok user is heard remarking at the end of the video, which currently has over 3.5 million views.

What isn’t shown in the video — nor another similar video — is the sandwich being prepped in the kitchen area, or a receipt that would indicate these videos are more than just pranks.

And there’s a simple explanation, according to In-N-Out: They’re pranks.

“The social media videos featuring a chicken sandwich or chicken burger at our restaurants are not accurate,” a spokesperson for the In-N-Out marketing department said in an emailed statement. “The videos were likely created as a prank, or to attract online attention.”

To the pranksters’ credit, it’s not entirely unfathomable that a fast-food outlet such as In-N-Out would experiment with chicken sandwiches. Over the last few years, multiple national chains have debuted, or announced plans to debut, a new or revamped chicken sandwich, including Popeyes, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Shake Shack, Chili’s and even Taco Bell.

In-N-Out, however, has indicated that it not be following in their footsteps anytime soon.

The restaurant’s spokesperson further suggested that In-N-Out had no plans to debut a chicken sandwich, instead keeping its “intense focus” on the burgers, fries and drinks currently on the menu.

“We remain committed to serving just those menu items in order to allow us to keep our intense focus on the quality of the products we serve,” the statement concluded.