Image Boutique helps women feel beautiful during National Women’s Health Week


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Georgia Cancer Center wants to help women feel beautiful during National Women’s Health Week.

“I am a cancer survivor so I am giving back to the patients and helping them get through what I have been through already”

Meryl Edwards says she lost her hair 3 times while going through chemotherapy and wanted a wig.  She says the people at Image Boutique showed her so much love and compassion, she wanted to volunteer.

“By being treated that way I wanted to help other cancer patients by treating them the same way that I was treated,” says Meryl.

And 3 years later, she is still volunteering at Image Boutique to uplift other women and help them through hard times. Along side her manager, Sherry Brooks, who has been there since the store opened up in 2010.

“Whoever comes through that door, its somebody’s mother, it’s somebody’s aunt, it’s somebody’s grandmother, its somebody’s sister or daughter and how would I want them to be treated if that was my mother or my aunt you know,” Sherry tells me.

Not only does Sherry Brooks make the wigs for patients, but she adds something extra…

“I like to make sure they get a good fit,” says Sherry, “not just wear a wig off the shelf but I thin them, style them, and cut them to their face shape so they get more of a customized look”

She says that seeing the different patients come in and helping them is her calling and she wants to do whatever it takes to make them feel special.

Sherry tells me, “as far as wigs go, get what you’ve always had or get what you always wanted”

Both add that the goal is to understand that no matter you you’re going through people are still there to help.

“I found that if you get up every morning, and you get yourself dressed, and you get yourself looking as well as you can, even if you feel like you don’t want to,” Meryl tells me, “Thats makes you get through the day that much better”

The Image Boutique is open to the public if you are in need of guidance about family members going through treatment as well.

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