AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Richmond County Code Enforcement is looking into what some say are unlivable conditions at local apartment complexes. Issues with the Bon Air as well as the Richmond Summit were brought up at Tuesday’s commissioner’s meeting.

“I’m tired of Richmond Summit, I’m tired of it,” said Aretha Ayers.

Aretha Ayers has been living at the Richmond Summit for a little more than 8 years.

She says, “We have people from the outside coming in and using the bathroom, after they hit their stuff, they use the bathroom and leave it for maintenance to come and get it. That’s not fair.”

And on top of the hygiene issue, she says there are problems with drugs and crime.

“Most of it is residents, they the ones that’s letting the drug dealers in, giving them their key card, these are things I’ve seen,” said Ayers.

Ayers is a recovering drug addict and she says most of the other people who live here are as well. She says the building also houses elderly people and people with mental health issues. And she says that makes easy prey for drug dealers.

“The drug dealers hang up in here because of the residents,” she said.

These pictures show some of the conditions at the Richmond Summit.
At the Bon-Air, the story is the same.

“They were saying that it rains, in their apartments,” said District 3 Commissioner Catherine Smith-Mcknight.

Augusta Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight took a tour of the Bon Air Wednesday morning. She says she was able to walk right in because the back door was wide open.

She said, “The owners need to be held accountable, they came and gave the commission a pep talk the other day, but I just want to see some action.”

And action could soon be on the way.

Commissioner Jordan Johnson says these conditions are unlivable.

“We have mold, we have issues with HVAC, we have issues with folks coming in and out at all times of the night, those are all issues that code enforcement and the owners of this property are aware of and so right now our goal is just to identify the best route to make sure that we have some solutions on the table to help those who live here at the Richmond Summit,” said District 1 Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

The pictures you see only scratch the surface of what’s going on inside of these apartments. One anonymous resident emailed NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Jones a letter describing in detail somewhat it’s like living at the Bon Air. In one line the resident tells about rats coming out of their dishwasher. You can read that letter below.

Letter from resident who does not want to be identified.