AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – A group is making it their mission to help rebuild parts of the CSRA. The construction comes with a strong emphasis on faith.

“I’ve tried different avenues, and nothing ever worked out. I’m so glad that God blessed me to find these people,” Cynthia Harris said.

Volunteers are busy renovating bathrooms, replacing floors and the roof, and adding a small deck to Cynthia Harris’ home.

“The carpet was molded from water in the bathrooms because there was carpet in the bathrooms. So, we were a little worried about it being developed, and maybe the wood underneath was molded, but we were blessed,” volunteer Lauren Reeder added.

“We’ve got about 120 volunteers this go round this week. So, we’re taking on about 12 projects, about every ten volunteers, means we can take on another house,” BRICK, Inc. President Brian Henderson shared.

‘Building Restoration In Christ’s Kingdom’ or BRICK started about six years ago and originally worked in Allendale County. However, they have since expanded to Aiken County, where they saw a need for their services.

According to Henderson, Aiken County, particularly the 421 corridor, has a significant population facing poverty, making it an ideal location for Brick’s mission.

“I think a lot of these folks are, they would continue to live in the conditions that they’re in and I don’t think there’s any way that they can help themselves, a lot of them or have the knowledge base to help themselves and know that they have some of the problems that they have. I don’t know how they would get their homes fixed or repaired,” he added.

NewsChannel 6 also stopped by two other locations where floors, roofs, and siding needed attention. “We do ask that if they can jump in and help us. If not, that’s okay too,” he said.

The team goes out and gets all the stuff they need for a particular job. There’s a fee for getting the work done.

“Right now, it’s $250. That’s what we started with the cost of materials. It may have to go up a little, but that feeds us for the week. Materials, shirts, those kinds of things.”

“Not only are they doing terrific work, but they’re kind, gentle, and love you, and you can tell. And I love them,” Harris added.

If you would like to volunteer or need work done to your home, visit,