AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) — Slow and steady is how poll workers have described the turnout at elections. Some stay it could be because of early voting, others think it was the weather.

“I’m from one of those families that have marched for us for this right to go and vote,” Bobby Boseman. “If you don’t vote. It’s your loss?” polling clerk Aubrey Myers told NewsChannel 6’s Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbagestalk.

Slow and steady is how poll workers describe the turnout. Some say it could be because of early voting, others think it’s the weather. “I think we got thwarted a bit by the rain today and nobody was really expecting it. It just kind of sky fell out,” polling clerk Rachel Weeks.

Shawn visited several locations across the area. At the Lessie B. Price Senior and Youth Center, less than 20 people arrived at the polls by lunchtime. “We’re attributing that to early voting. The majority,at least the folks that I know, voted early to avoid the crowds.”

At the North Augusta Community Center, the numbers were slightly higher. “We had some people have to wait in here for a little while for the rain to stop, so they get back to their cars,” polling clerk Rachel Weeks said.

At each location, someone like Mike Loftus, protecting the integrity of the elections. “We check out and see if there’s something in there. And it’s to show that we are doing a good job as an organization, election commission and everybody to have a fair vote,” he said.

A number of local races were on the ballot, including County Council seats and the race for House District 81.

In the House District 81 race, Representative Bart Blackwell was the incumbent Betsy Lamb was his challenger. Ballots were brought into the government center after polls closed at 7.

The room was watching and waiting for the votes to be counted. “It’s just a patriotic duty to get out and do your part and vote for yourself. Instead of waiting for somebody else to do the picking for you, we always say, is that the best we could do it is if you didn’t vote so we do that.”

It’s unclear when the official numbers will come in.

We’ll have that information when it becomes available both on-air and online at