Illegal trash dumping in Augusta is causing more than ugly sites


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– The Marshal’s Office says that illegal trash dumping is becoming more of a problem in the Garden City. And one of the dirtiest dumping cites is city owned.

“We have technology employed at every aspect, every corner of this county: Westside, Southside, Downtown, Eastside because it is a problem everywhere in this county,” Colonel Bill Probus with the Richmond County Marshal’s Office told me.

Illegal dumping is an issue much larger than an unattractive, trashed area. Colonel Probus told me it creates a breeding ground for crime.

Just last week, an abandoned dog was found on city property: Conway Court, also a frequent dump site, located off of Interstate Parkway behind Doctor’s Hospital. The dog… he was surviving off of the remains of another dog.

“We will definitely get animal control out there to dispose of that animal, and you are right. That was someone’s pet. We don’t know how it got out there or why it got out there,” Colonel Probus assured me.

When Marshal Ramone Lampkin took office, he decided to take a proactive stance to combat illegal dumping. The Marshal’s Office is taking a different approach to Conway Court, though.”I think it is an out-of-the-way place that people have used for a long time, and nothing has ever been done, but the message needs to be sent that something is going to be done,” Colonel Probus said. “Just know we are employing some things that we have never done before, that this Marshal’s Office has never done before, to apprehend people.”

There has been one arrest made this year in connection to illegal dumping on Conway Court. In other parts of the county, dozens of cases have been made– two being felonies.

Colonel Probus told me when people dump trash or fail to keep up property, it sends a message that the city doesn’t care. “This county is all that we have. Yeah, it may be inconvenient for me to run out to the landfill and dump it the way I am supposed to, but do it because it is the right thing to do,” Colonel Probus explained. “Or do it because we are going to catch you or you are going to go to jail.”

If you see someone committing the crime, call law enforcement.

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