AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- With thanksgiving coming up, Augusta Animal Services is making sure our furry friends find families to spend it with, or even a new home.

“If they’re not sure they want to adopt a dog, they can take ‘em home for the holidays and see how he’s gonna work out in their family,” shelter volunteer John Edwards said.

Everyone needs a place where they feel loved, especially during the holidays. So, Augusta Animal Services hosts “Home for the Holiday” to make sure animals at the shelter get just that.

“I was so happy since my dog died because he kept on digging. So, I just been wanting a dog ever since he died and then I wanted him for Christmas and this is all I wanted for Christmas,” Jacob said.

Volunteers like John Edwards tells me stories like Jacob and Albert’s is why this event is so important. 

“When I walked by Albert’s cage, I said ‘I’m gonna find you a little boy that needs you,’ and by God Jacob came right along,” Edwards said.

Dogs and cats at the shelter are available for the holidays and they could be the gift, on your list, that keeps on giving.

“If you take ‘em home and you like, it’s free,” Edwards said.  

Jacob tells me he not only has the best Christmas gift, but a new best friend. 

“When we went inside, we got to meet– when we met Albert– I was so happy and I knew this was the dog I wanted.”

More dogs and cats will be available on Tuesday, November 21st. 

“And if you’re looking for a dog, they’ve got a lot of good dogs out here that would make wonderful home pets. They’re very sweet, they take care of them, they’re neutered and spayed. They’re up to date on all their shots…,” Edwards said.

If you’re interested in fostering for the holidays or potentially adopting, head over to Augusta Animal Services to learn more about how.