EDGEFIELD, S.C. (WJBF) — Two Edgefield families say the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade pushed them to want to adopt even more.

“I’m really, really excited about it. I really, really want a boy and a girl. I want twins,” Connor and Emma Tripp told NewsChannel 6’s Shawn Cabbagestalk about the possibilities of adding to their family with adoptive siblings.

The Tripp’s are of the families in our area ready to adopt. They have fostered children for several years. The reversing of Rowe v. Wade was a defining moment.

“That was further confirmation that we needed to be part of this because while I don’t think abortion is an option as a Christian, we need to provide a way for these children to have life and to have the opportunity to flourish,” Aaron Tripp added.

They are one of many families using a private agency.

“They require that you have an open adoption with the mother. So, I wanted to be able to tell the mother that we would be in the state and not be moving away. So that was a big thing,” Rachel Mayyou said. “There is that opportunity to still have that relationship, which we believe is very important,” Kathryn Tripp added.

According to the South Carolina Department of Social Services, more than 3,900 children are in the foster care system.

“The foster system is trying to do more with kinship care and trying to get the families to take ownership of the children. So they’re trying not to push adoption as much anymore. And so it is a much longer and harder process,” Kathryn said.

There are almost 200 kids up for adoption. Costs could be high if you make that choice. Birth mothers can get up to six months of living expenses. For every mother, that could be different.

“I just wonder with all the things our state already provides for people in need, why can’t we provide for struggling women who feel like they have no option? Why does $30,000 have expenses from lawyers and living expenses why does that fall solely on adoptive families?” Aaron said.

There’s no telling how overturning the landmark ruling will impact those coming into the system, but some abortion clinics are gearing up for a wave.

“We’ve certainly had an increased number of callers calling into our patient access center,” Executive Director at Abiding Love Adoption Agency Carrie Murray Nellis said recently.

“I like that I have the opportunity to help someone. I’m not just getting a child in this, I’m developing a friendship and a relationship with a mom. And I want her to know that we love her too, and we covet the opportunity to help her,” Aaron added.