DEARING, Ga. (WJBF)- Students from Dearing Elementary schools Robotics program learned more about agriculture— especially how a robotic-operating dairy farm is run.

“For our young people that came out today, I think it was just a fantastic tour. Thinking about the jobs and opportunities for our future people– I mean this is what we call STEM technology really when you talk about science, technology, engineering and math,” State Superintendent Richard Woods said.

Mark Rodgers– owner of Hillcrest Farms– says it’s important to educate children on the foods they consume. 

“They could tie in what we do with what they do– get some hands-on experience, looking at a modern agricultural facility ‘cause most people have no clue what goes on to produce the food that they eat everyday. So, it’s a great opportunity to bring in kids, to tour kids, let ‘em see where their food comes from,” Hillcrest Farms owner Mark Rodgers said.

Students toured the farm and had the opportunity to see how machines help the cows to produce milk.

Rogers says exploring other career options like agriculture can be beneficial for everyone.

“See a pathway into a field they may have not considered. This business was actually started by my grandmother, it was started by a woman. It’s run, today, by my daughter– so it’s an opportunity to see women on a farm, women working on robots; 60% female,” Rodgers said.

Woods hopes that alongside McDuffie County schools, they’re able to create a pathway for students in their future, right in their hometown.

“Hopefully it’s a way in which we can expand those opportunities for kids throughout. So, it’s a win, win for everyone we’re talking to our local business, talking to our schools, talking with our community for our kids. It’s like ‘hey, I don’t have to leave home to have a great job,” Woods said.

Both Rogers and Woods agree that agricultural education can help to broaden career options for children and their futures.