AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A local woman is looking to take legal action after a laundromat fire on East Boundary. It happened at the People’s Coin laundry.

“This is a dryer that we have to use in this community, this is not okay, it’s unacceptable,” said Garian Henry.

Garian Henry says she’s only used the People’s Coin Laundry twice before, but her most recent visit resulted in her losing most of her and her family’s clothes.

“I brought my clothes over here to the laundromat and I went home to finish my essay up for school. So, then my daughter called me and says the clothes is burning up,” she said.

Henry says she rushed back over to the People’s Coin Laundry and saw her clothes smoking inside of the dryer. She says at that point there was a tiny flame in the middle of the dryer.

“So, I’m steady pulling out clothes. The smoke had started getting to the point to where we had to go out the door and they said call 911 and then all of sudden whoosh, flames just started coming,” she said.

Take a look at this video shot by Garian’s daughter. According to an incident report from the Augusta Fire Department, several people tried reaching out to the owner but no one was able to.

Henry says, “I lost all my clothes. I lost all my items and the ones that we did save, had a severe burn smell.
Then we had to go to the emergency room, when I mentioned that my 11-month-old had to go, he’s still sick. My daughter and myself and I know another lady went. It was full of people, we had to evacuate.”

NewsChannel 6 did try reaching out to the owner about this incident, but he was not available at the time to comment.

Henry is looking for donations to replace her clothes that were destroyed. You can donate HERE.