AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF)- Aiken One Table is finally back, but this year things are just a little bit different.

Typically, you’d see one table down the Aiken Alley, but this year tables are scattered on the lawn here at the Salvation Army in Aiken.

And this is just something that is an annual tradition for the organization for the organization, but this year they decided to pair up.

“Oh, it’s a blessing, I am really blessed and privileged to be here, and I love doing this. I’ve been doing this for like five years now and I just get such a, you know, good feeling for it,” Salvation Army volunteer Gale Yarborough said.

It’s an event that people in the CSRA look forward to every year. 

“The concept is really for the whole community to come out and it’s not just for people who are needy. It’s for everybody to kinda come together, ‘cause, I think often in communities poor don’t see rich and rich don’t see poor,” Salvation Army Event Coordinator Kathryn Wade said.

And Thanksgiving is a time for just that: coming together.

“And this is one opportunity that we all get to see each other, and we get to sit beside each other and maybe get to know each other a little bit and recognize, maybe, some of the difficulties that we all share,” Wade said.

One family says they’re thankful for life.

“I just thank God that he woke me up this morning, woke all of us up this morning, and you too. That’s the best thing you can give thanks for, waking up every morning, every day,” Ricky Willis said.

“Especially since covid, ‘cause a lot of people are not here. So, it’s good to be able to be around other people after being knocked down for like two years,” Yarborough said. 

Next year, Aiken One Table does plan on having things going back to normal in the Aiken Alley.