AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – “I’m not a judge I’m not a juror I’m not the omniscient, omnipresent God. I don’t have that role I’m the parent in this case so again I’m just looking for some form of accountability” said Walter Scott.

The Augusta District Attorney’s Office is issuing an arrest warrant for Lexie Tenhuisen… he swim instructor who was giving private lessons at her backyard pool on June 14th, when Izzy Scott drowned.

Izzy’s parents say this action is long overdue.

“You know it makes you think like do they value his life that’s kind of how I felt but I do realize now that is a process it takes A process just the unfortunate situation from the beginning I felt like it shouldn’t even have to take this long it should’ve been stuff done from the beginning” said Dori Scott.

In a news release, DA Jared Williams says Tenhuisen is expected to be charged with involuntary manslaughter… for the purpose of accountability.

Williams says, “Together with the family we may be able to protect children across this state, striving to ensure no family need ever endure this pain again.”

“A lot of times I’m spending energy and time with trying to get justice for him I feel like once we get justice and there’s some type of accountability I can really fully just grieve my son” said Dori Scott.

Izzy’s parents have started a foundation and hope to put a law in place so something like this won’t happen to other children.

“We are working with some local delegates in the area for our particular district in the state of course there was a big announcement today from the district attorney but apparently were also like I said working with local delegates to continue to push Izzy’s law” said Walter Scott.