AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A proposed housing development off of Windsor Spring Road has potential neighbors upset. They had the chance to voice their concerns during a Planning Commission meeting Wednesday evening.

“I don’t feel that it’s a good choice at this time,” said Polly Anna who lives in the Manchester neighborhood.

Polly Anna is one of many people living in the Manchester neighborhood who are opposing the idea of bringing 28 single family homes to Windsor Spring Road.

“Basically, because we moved out that way because of privacy and we feel like we’re being robbed of that privacy,” said Anna.

The only thing that will separate the new homes from the Manchester neighborhood is a plot of trees, but privacy isn’t the only reason why these residents are up in arms. They also believe the new homes will bring down property values because of the material being used to build those homes.

“We all have brick homes. Our homes are 300 thousand and up and in certain areas some houses I heard are worth about a million dollars. So, this man is going to put houses in there from 179 to 200 and he trying to put 30 houses in a space that’s five acres,” said Arthur Rivers, another resident in the Manchester neighborhood.

The developer Robert Cooks is also a part of the planning commission. He did not want to go on camera but says the new developments will sit on 5.5 acres of land.

“You trying to put 28 to 30 homes on 5 acres…that’s tiny,” said Rivers.

“And that’s just going to pack them in their like sardines and that’s part of our objection,” said Raymond Dick, lives in Manchester.

They also feel more people could mean more crime.

Despite those concerns, the planning commission voted to move ahead with the project.

“They were kind enough to let us speak, but they voted against our voice,” said Dick.

“He just want to throw something out there and he going on back to where he live at and we gotta be stuck with this in our subdivision. That’s not right,” said Rivers.

“I don’t feel like we had a voice in this decision because the decision was already made,” said Anna.

The proposal will still need to get final approval from city commissioners. That meeting is set for July 19th.