AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A VA doctor saves a drowning boy while out cycling the trails in Augusta.

“This happened on a Saturday morning-  the seventh of January,” said Dr. Vasu Lakkimsetti. “Can’t forget that.”

Dr. Vasu Lakkimsetti was about to take a bike ride with his son. Due to delays, they started nearly two hours late.

Thanks to those delays, he was close by to hear father calling for help as he searched for his son who had fallen into the water.

“Being a father and seeing a father frantically crying for his son, I thought: I need to do anything,” said Dr. Lakkimsetti. “At least try my best if there’s something I can do.”

Dr. Lakkimsetti jumped into the water to search for the boy.

“Then he started saying, ‘My boy! My boy! My boy!’,” said Dr. Lakkimsetti.

He said he soon spotted the boy’s blue shoe just above the water’s surface.

Once they pulled the boy out of the water, Dr. Lakkimsetti began CPR.

“It’s part of the profession we chose,” said Dr. Lakkimsetti. “And it’s part of the job.”

Eventually, the boy’s lips turned from blue to pink.

“I was really blessed to be chosen to be there,” said Dr. Lakkimsetti. “I don’t think it is…I don’t think it is just by mere chance or coincidence. It is His will.”

Dr. Lakkimsetti credits his abilities to his continuing CPR training at the VA.

“That’s why I didn’t want to give up right away,” said Dr. Lakkimsetti. 

The young boy- whose family wishes to remain anonymous to protect his privacy- was discharged from the hospital four days after the incident.

Dr. Lakkimsetti says the young boy is doing well…and gifted him with superhero mugs during a visit.

“They all said, ‘You are our hero!’ I thought it was…yeah,” said Dr. Lakkimsetti. “Words can’t express the gratitude and exchange of emotion.”