I-20 construction continues


Appling, GA (WJBF) – With construction still underway on I-20 in Columbia County, G-DOT says they plan to finish up a little earlier than expected.

There are expected delays 4 miles I-20 east bound. G-DOT crews say they have been working day in and day out but you have a few drivers that aren’t happy about that.

“Traffic is backed up, it’s already backed up on this exit because so many people get off and then you have the construction going on so it can be backed up all the way to Belair Road,” said Angela Bulluck, I-20 Driver

GDOT communication Specialist Kyle Collins says the construction taking place in 1-20 east bound is pavement rehab which has been going on since January.

“Look I know it’s frustrating to have have this work on the number one route that you take to and from work and to and from you home,” said Kyle Collins, G-DOT Communication Specialist.

“We both work in beach island South Carolina so we have to come home that way everyday and you cant hardly get home,” said Angela Bulluck, I-20 Driver

Drivers like Angela Bulluck and her husband say they have been taking alternate routes around the construction– but it still comes with delays due to the road being back up for miles

“In that case we have to find a different route home and it’s so many accidents that have been going on, people getting killed.. it’s terrible,” said Angela Bulluck, I-20 Driver.

GDOT also adds that many drivers have been wondering about why crews are out working during the day when traffic is heavier- and why don’t they work on the road during the night– when there is less danger.

“It’s just every contract is different some areas we have night work going on some areas we have them during the day,” said Kyle Collins, G-DOT Communication Specialist.

Until then, drivers say the feeling of going through that construction will still be frustrating until that day comes.

Angela Bulluck – Driver

“we it’s not good, it doesn’t make you feel good hopefully they’re hurry up and get it over with so we can get back to normal,” said Angela Bulluck, I-20 Driver.

G-DOT Communication Specialist Kyle Collins says they should be finished with the construction around July 4th. For any other information about how you can get around this traffic.

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