NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF)- Hurricane Idalia turned into a tropical storm as it approached the CSRA. But it still packed a punch. 

One North Augusta family was shaken up by a loud boom.  They went outside and found a tree that used to be in front of their home, on top of it.

The Duggan family has lived in this home for the past six years. They say the tree has been there for more than thirty years. 

They tell me when they heard the loud noise they were scared. 

Everyone in the house was able to evacuate and no one was reported injured. 

“The house shook and then Anthony said ‘Jenna, that was a tree falling on the house. We open up the door and the tree was at our front door, and then we had to go around it to look at it– the tree is on top of our house,” homeowner Jenna Duggan said.  

The Duggan family will be able to stay in their home tonight and cleanup is scheduled for tomorrow morning.