Hundreds receive food thanks to Golden Harvest Food Bank, others


BARNWELL COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) — Hundreds of people in Barnwell County now have more food in their kitchens following a mobile food drive Friday, October 29.

It’s an army of many packing boxes to help a community. It’s all a part of a mobile food drive in Barnwell County Friday. The event was put on by Golden Harvest Food Bank and the Barnwell County Sheriff’s Office. “I don’t work right now, so, it’s helping me feed my family a little better,” Ronnie Bragg told NewsChannel 6’s Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbagestalk about his reason for attending.”We realized with COVID a lot of our partner agencies aren’t able to maintain their full staff, which are all volunteers,” Golden Harvest Food Bank Community Engagement Manager for Aiken Susan Selden said. “So we wanted to help fill in the gaps and make sure we were reaching all of those people who live in those rural communities that aren’t getting enough to eat right now,” she added.

Two hundred fifty cars lined up near the local airport. The response was called a phenomenal one. Nearly two hundred people were turned away. “We actually got volunteers from the community, various businesses,” Barnwell County Sheriff’s Office 1st Sgt Eric Kirkland said. “We had our high school students from all of our high schools represented here that came out, volunteered that time and worked hard, worked diligent members from the sheriff’s office, as well. We came together very nicely,” Sgt. Kirkland added.

“A lot of people, you know, they need some help and you know, the Lord blessed us with the people and agencies like this to get out and to help people in one time. We’re so thankful that we have things like this,” Paul Hinckley added.

The items looked like a trip to the grocery store. “We’re offering some pouches of beef, stew, rice, fruits, vegetables, kind of a balanced mixture,” Selden revealed.

The event was held until everything ran out. But it won’t be the last you’ll see that army. “We’re gonna continue doing these mobiles and build on them and make sure we’re reaching all of our outer communities that are rural and don’t have access to grocery stores and good nutritious food,” Selden said. “I hear that on Channel 6 and I know people need help. [So I said to my wife,] I’m gonna come outside and see what it’s all about. Cause I need help,” James Hallingqust shared.

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