How to prepare for hurricane season


(WJBF) – Hurricane season is June 1 to Nov. 30 and we at WJBF NewsChannel 6 want to be sure that you are prepared. We want you to have your evacuation plan done and for you to know your risk before June.

By living in close proximity to the Georgia and South Carolina coastline we all know how devastating hurricanes can be. We often have to have sandbags ready in order to be prepared for flooding that can cause years of damage.

We often have to have sandbags ready in order to be prepared for flooding that can cause years of damage, but knowing your risk and having an evacuation plan, allows you to be a step ahead.

You need to know your limitations, how to strengthen your home, how to identify your trusted sources and much more.

Below is a list of tips highlighting what you need to know in order to be prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.Tips:

  • Know Your Risk: Find out what water or wind damages are hazards for your area. Know the impacts that can affect your home or the buildings around you. Since hurricanes can impact homes 100 miles inland and can cause costly damages, being aware of probable causes is essential.
  • Develop an Evacuation Plan: Get familiar with local shelters in your area and escape routes that would allow an easy transition from your home to a safe spot.
  • Share your evacuation plan with family members who live out-of-state or a few miles away from your home that would not mind you staying with them until the hurricane clears.
  • Know the distance of your travel, so when the time comes you will know the best way to go. Do it by getting familiar with Georgia Navigator and South Carolina Navigator found by clicking the following links:
  • Visit, GA Navigator :
  • Visit, SC Navigator:

*You can also find evacuation routes by visiting,

  • Secure an insurance checkup: Call your insurance agent to make sure you are covered. If any damages were to occur at your home you will want to know if you have enough coverage to repair or to replace your home.
  • Gather Information: In order to be well organized, you will need to gather information by first identifying trusted sources that can help you figure out where to find accurate information.
  • Pull together disaster supplies: Make sure you have enough non-perishable foods, water, and medicine that will last you for at least three days. Also, make sure to have food and water for your pets that will last them for at least three days too.
  • Complete a written hurricane plan: Don’t wait until the storm is occurring to complete your written hurricane plan, prepare now. By writing down where you will need to go if a hurricane is near and listing where your supplies are. Also, make sure your family is on the same page about who to contact and where to go. Once your plan is in writing store all copies of the plan in a place where everyone has access to it.

Strengthen your home:  Make sure your home is in good condition. Be sure to have all repairs made in order to meet hurricane code qualifications.

Hurricanes are damaging and will cost you money. Below are a few ways a hurricane can damage your home even if your homes is more than 60 miles inland.

  • Windborne debris can break windows and damage any door.
  • Wind-driven rain can enter through openings of windows and doors.
  • High winds can put pressure on your home and its connections which can cause damages.
  • Rising water can flood your home, damage appliances, electrical systems, flooring, and more.
  • Waves and storm surge can destroy your home and cause it to break apart or wash away.

How to Prepare your Pets: 

According to experts having an evacuation kit for your pets is a necessity too.

You should stock at least two weeks of supplies and medication for your four legged friends as well as a week’s worth of food and carrier.

Make sure to have your pet’s ID tag and don’t forget to bring litter, training pads and trash bags.

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