House In The Augusta National Golf Club Parking Lot: The Richards’ Story


Augusta, GA (WJBF). – For the past decade, Augusta National Golf Club purchased virtually every home that once stood in the main parking lot… but two.

“It’s my mom’s house. There’s no other place she’d rather be. I mean, there’s not a million dollar house in the world that she’d rather be then this house,” said Jimmy Richards, whose mother,

Mary Ann Richards, owns one of the two standing homes left in the new Augusta National Gold Club parking lot.

“Believe it or not there were ten kids that lived in this house at one time many years ago when I was small,” said Richards.

Jimmy Richards says this home is the gathering spot for the whole family for all occasions.

“It was a lively neighborhood. There were plenty of kids around. We played day in and day out,” said Richards.

Neighbor Herman Thacker says they’ve seen the property clear out as homes sold one by one over the years.

“They sell it. The next week it’s gone. Within a weeks’ time it’s gone,” said Thacker.

Thacker owns the other home still standing.

“We’ve been here since 1959 and we raised all of our kids here,” said Thacker.

Even with Masters Week traffic down the new Berckmans Road, neither say it’s been a big concern or provoked them to change their minds.

“It’s no problem for us. I mean with all this traffic going and coming and all for once a year. One week out of a year,” said Thacker.

It is a little noisier. A little more traffic then there use to be but it’s kind of nice out here just as we all sit on the back porch enjoying all year long. It’s like living in a beautiful park,” said

The Richards and Thackers agree that you can’t put a price on memories… even the Augusta National Golf Club.

“Absolutely not. Not as long as my mother’s alive and she’s made it clear,” said Richards.

“We just don’t want to go. We don’t have any place to go. At our age, you know, we can’t just go out and buy another home. This is home,” said Thacker.

The Richards and Thackers say they have good relationships with Augusta National Golf Club and will let them know when they’re ready to sell.

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