AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Some local hotels are already preparing for any guests who may arrive while evacuating from the storm.

As Floridians and even some South Carolinians flee the path of the storm. A few might make their way to the Garden City.

Hampton Inn & Suites Regional Human Resource Manager, Chastady Bynes, is among the local places getting ready.

“We are making sure that we’re ordering extra linens, extra terry. We’re making sure that we have extra food and extra drinks on the property,” she said.

Hampton Inn and Suites off Washington Road in Augusta will be prepared for the additional guests.

Bynes explains, “We are making up extra roll away beds in the event that we have to add an extra bed to some of the rooms that would allow us to. We’re making sure that all amenities, we have enough shampoo, just essentials that people may forget or leave behind.”

There’s space too in case there’s an influx of people and the hotel will also allow pets.

One man from Orlando vacationing during the storm told us he’s staying an additional day away from home, but his family plans to hunker down and wait out the hurricane.

“My daughter and sons are there, but I told them to put up everything,” said Jerry Middleton. “That could be a feat. But take everything out of the yard.”

It was already a busy weekend at The Partridge Inn. General Manager Holly White told us they have more than 140 rooms and are at 80 percent capacity, but will welcome any evacuees into the space available.

“We’re prepared with food orders, guests supply orders for rooms, house keeping, that sort of thing. Making sure our staffing levels are appropriate,” she said.

Richmond County School System’s spokesperson tells us that schools are not being used as shelters anymore.