Homicide in West Augusta neighborhood points to other crimes in area


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A homicide in one neighborhood reveals shootings and gang activity happen often. Three or four months ago a bullet went through Helen Roland’s front window and landed in her kitchen.

“Somebody shot up in there,” Roland pointed to her front window.

The 90-year-old says she doesn’t know who shot into her home, but her ears tell her where most of the shootings come from.

“I hear the gunshots sometimes,” she described.

We asked her where the shootings usually come from when she hears them.  The latest one was about two months ago.

“Back that way and over this way,” she gestured.

She pointed towards the direction of Oxford Glenn, Alpine Villas and Fox Den all low-income apartments.

Ed Langston, who has been doing lawn care for several years at a home adjacent to the apartments told us he’s not shocked about the shootings.

“Only one time have I heard two shots and I looked around and I didn’t see anybody scurrying or anything going on. I felt like maybe it was shot in the air,” he said adding that law enforcement responded quickly.

Tuesday afternoon Fox Den was a homicide scene. The Sheriff’s office found Juwan Doby, 21, dead and later confirmed it’s gang related.

The concern for what’s happening in the Community near Fox Den is growing. The sheriff’s office reports Doby’s homicide is one of 16 shootings in the area.

The homicide scene is a place that’s also near Augusta University’s Christenberry Fieldhouse.

Students we spoke with told us they had not heard about the crime.

“Kind of bothersome,” Bridgette Stewart, a senior, said.

“It’s pretty scary knowing how close it is to the school,” said Kelsey Woodall who is also a senior.

The suspect, Darrel Lee Junior is still on the run.

As for the climate of this West Augusta neighborhood, Langston said if you see something, say something.

“If you know somebody who is doing wrong or is going to do wrong then you should report that. You may be saving a life.”

Some homeowners told us off camera that there are also break-ins in the area too.  We haven’t looked at those numbers.  But again, the key is to report anything you see that does not look safe.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the incident, if you have any information on this crime please call the Sheriff’s Office at 706-821-1080.Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

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