AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Richmond County Deputies are investigating after a homeless man was found dead on Washington Road under the I-20 overpass. NewsChannel 6 spoke with an organizer from one homeless agency who believes the heat could’ve been a contributing factor.

“It’s just hot out here,” said one man we found panhandling off the 1-20 exit.

He says, “It’s hard for the homeless people, because when it rains we don’t have no where to go, and when it’s like this were scorched.”

This man did want to give Channel 6 his name but he says he’s been homeless for three years now, and the summer months have never been this unbearable.

“We trying to get three dollars to get some quarter drinks. Maybe go inside of these restaurants and get into some AC . It’s not really good for us out here,” he said.

“I expect that we’ll a lot more showers this summer and I don’t expect them to be hot,” said Mike Garrison, Executive Director, Compass for Hope.

“I expect that we’ll give a lot more showers this summer and I don’t expect them to be hot,” he added.

Mike Garrison is the Executive Director with Compass for Hope. He gave NewsChannel 6 a tour of one of their mobile showers, which he says is a necessity for the homeless, especially with this rise in temperatures.

“Just the chance to get your body wet and cool down will be a big blessing to a lot of these folks,” said Garrison.

A blessing that would’ve made available to 49-year-old David Franklin Hutto, the man found under the bridge n Friday. The coroner’s office says Hutto was homeless and sleeping on the sidewalk under the bridge, and while an exact cause has not yet been determined, Garrison says he wouldn’t be surprised if the heat was behind it.

Garrison says “A lot of the times with the serious heat increase, we see more people we see more need we’re trying to give them what they need to stay cool.”

The showers will be available every Sunday at the James Brown Arena from 11 AM to 12 PM.

Compass for Hope is still in need of donations and volunteers. They will be using contributions from their upcoming event, A Night with Brian Jordan, to bring in more resources and buy another mobile shower.