AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Many people are on the road or preparing to get on the road for the holiday. But what can you expect as you’re traveling? 

A spokesperson at AAA said they are expecting about 1.5 million travelers to be on Georgia roads this holiday. And even with gas prices recently trending upward, people are eagerly hitting the road. 

“The worst time to travel, of course, is today- Wednesday the 23rd- between the hours of 11am to 8pm,” said Montrae Waiters, a AAA spokesperson. “On Sunday, it’s going to be between the hours of 4pm and 8pm.”

Many travelers are anticipating the traffic.

“Well, that’s why we left at nine this morning…it was moving,” said David Guthrie, a holiday traveler. “But I would not want to be on I-20 in about three hours…” 

Montrae Waiters says that gas in Georgia now averages $3.08- fourteen cents less than last year and a drop from increasing prices last week.

That’s exactly why the Guthrie brothers weren’t discouraged from continuing their annual holiday tradition this year.

“They are lower than they were last time when I made this trip, which was this summer,” said David Guthrie. “So, that was not an issue. Besides, this is my brother- I imported him…” 

“…from California,” continued Kurt Guthrie, David’s brother and fellow traveler. “Yea, gas prices are two dollars higher, so this is very cheap.” 

Still, Waiters encourages travelers to stick to safe driving practices, like having your car road trip ready, keeping your phone charged and out of your hands and bringing any medications. 

“Slow down and move over if you see a stranded motorist on the side of the road being assisted, either by law enforcement officers or a tow truck driver,” said Waiters. “You’ll see those flashing lights.”

AAA also has a program in place for any impaired people needing assistance.

“You can reach out to AAA if you are impaired and don’t have a designated driver. And we- you don’t have to be a member- and we will tow you within a ten mile radius to a safe location.”

AAA’s ‘Tow To Go’ program is available from Wednesday at 6pm to Monday at 6am.