High-Speed chase passes local autism center, parent reacts


AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) – A high-speed chase that crossed county lines Tuesday has some people concerned about the way law enforcement handled the situation

The chase ended with a crash on I-20. But before it passed, this children’s autism center. One parent is not happy with the way law enforcement sped through here because he says they put kids in danger.

“That chance should’ve never been taken with my kids, anybody’s kids, what’s it going to take for that protocol to go in place? Somebody is actually losing their life,” said Brandon Brocksmith.

Brocksmith is a father of two autistic children. He says both his children attend the Autism therapy center located on Augusta West Pkwy. He actually witnessed the chase when heading to go pick his kids up.

High-Speed chase passes local autism center, parent reacts

He says within seconds, two Richmond County deputies followed behind the car, one marked and one unmarked.

“Flew past me doing a high rate of speed, about 95, I’d say to a 100 miles per hour, weaving in and out of traffic,” he said.

Brocksmith questions whether the chase was serious enough to continue it on what he calls a busy road and near a children’s autism center.

Lt. Redmon says they have protocols in place for high-speed chases, and they consider things like why they’re chasing the suspect, the time of day, and the area. Sgt. Josh Bogdanow from the Columbia County sheriff’s office says they follow similar protocols.

“If we go to a shoplifting call and we know who the person is and we can identify who they are we’re not going to pursue them, especially during the day time hours we already know who they are we’ll get a warrant and arrest them later,” said Sgt. Bogdanow.

Sgt. Bogdanow says if you find yourself on the road during a chase, or if you see a marked car with its sirens on, the best thing to do is pull to the right. Never slam on your breaks or try to pull into a turn lane.

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