AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- It’s a big night for high school students across the CSRA getting opportunities to learn about more than 100 colleges and universities.

“We’re going to have 115 colleges and universities present we’ll have four branches in military also here we’ll have a couple of technically colleges for students to visit we will also have a seminars available for parents to attend we’ll have a career center set up and counseling center set up,” said Cindy Hewitt, SRS education outreach specialist

The CSRA College Night is a huge college fair sponsored by Savannah River Site.

Thousands of students walk around the many booths, and talk with representatives from the different schools. They say it’s an experience they wouldn’t want to miss.

“I feel like being here would be a good opportunity to anyone willing to further their education in life not just so after high school being this will really set effort into me so next year when I am a senior I can get ready and be prepared for when I’m ready to go to college,” said Antoniyah Rolland, high school students.

“This kind of could be a good experience for everybody since I am junior since I don’t really have my mind on one college it kind of gives me the opportunity to open up and look at other colleges to know where I can have my future at,” said Tayriona Carter, high school student.

Fifteen $1,000 scholarships were awarded to seniors through a drawing. College administrators say their goal is to make sure students are achieving academically.

“So I always want students to take away that I know people look for that big school environment at first and if that’s something that you want definitely still look for it but always give that small school a chance ….. some student get their and realize they kind of like that home away from home that Lander gives,” said Ryan Murdock, Lander University administrative counselor.

Representatives with Savannah River Site say they’re looking forward to hosting the event again next year.