AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The unofficial start to the summer travel season is here. Memorial Day weekend kicks off Friday. More than half of Americans plan to travel, despite rising gas prices.

As of yesterday, the national average is $4.60 a gallon, up 10 cents from Wednesday. And isn’t expected to go down anytime soon.

But, those high prices don’t seem to be stopping people who want to get out of town for the holiday weekend.

Tim Taylor, general manager at Smith Chevron in Augusta, said he doesn’t think the high prices are going to change anyone’s travel plans.

“It seems like we’ve been busier than normal this year. And it’s good to see everybody out and about. Everybody seems to be stirring around. The gas prices haven’t really seemed to slow people down at all.”

He says there is one big key to saving gas when you travel.

“The best thing you could probably do on that, is to plan your trips accordingly. And make sure your car is in good working order. And lighten your load, again. Take out as much stuff as you can,” Taylor explained.

Here are some tips to save at the pump if you plan to hit the road for Memorial Day weekend or in general.

Fuel up sooner rather than later– get ahead of the rush– gas price will only continue to rise.

Getting a tune up and filling the fluids in your car will keep your engine running smoothly. Keep windows up to reduce drag and set cruise control to avoid using the gas and brakes too often.

Use apps like Gas Buddy, Gas Guru (found on App Store and Google Play) or AAA TripTik to track the best possible gas prices.

Pay with Cash. The price per gallon increases when you use a credit card. Or you can use a gas rewards card to earn cash back.

Sign up for Loyalty programs. Many gas stations and grocery store chains, like Kroger, have loyalty rewards programs where you can earn points that will give you a discount at the pump.

Finally, just stay closer to home. Plan a shorter trip or consider a staycation instead.