AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A man now faces more charges in connection with the Twin Peaks fire that happened Monday during the lunch hour. The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office charged Roland Evan Croyle with five felonies, including one count of arson and four counts of aggravated assault.

Meanwhile, many employees of the sports bar still need a job.

Many people may have already seen Carlton Grace’s passionate response via Facebook Live to seeing his job go up in flames. We caught up with him at home and he told NewsChannel 6 he just likes to work.

His Facebook Live video started as soon as flames could be seen atop Twin Peaks.

“I swear to God this county (bleep bleep) just burned down Twin Peaks. The only (bleep bleep) place that I ever shined at,” Grace shouted.

It’s dedicated employees like Carlton Grace now out of work after Twin Peaks went up in flames.

“I got another reason to be depressed,” he said on the video. “Now the kids ‘gon be at home with me from daycare until they get this building fixed. Work was all I had!”

Grace immediately took to Facebook Live went the fire broke out that investigators say was started by 45-year-old Roland Evan Croyle after he rammed his truck into the sports bar and poured gasoline inside.

Several other people took to social media in shock about the fire.  But none were as passionate as Grace who even helped first responders evacuate people.

“Where Tony? Where Tony? Tony out the building. OK. Tony helping get kids out the building at the same time,” he recalled. “So I say where Billy? Where Billy at? Billy? Billy! I find Billy. Billy inside Chili’s. I got Billy and all the girls.”

Grace, who also checked to make sure his GM made it out, said his video has gone viral.  Though sad about a job he calls his baby, the 33-year-old father of six said it’s OK because he needs work.

“So I can come home and smile in my kids face and they say daddy went to work and had a hard day,” he said. “Whether I sat up there and rolled silverware all day or I sat up there and hammered a nail in a building, I like to work.”

And there’s hope for Grace and the rest of his co-workers at the Goodwill’s Job Connection.

Kristin Arrowood, a Regional Employment Services Manager with Goodwill Industries, told us that employees looking for work should come dressed to interview because sometimes staff with Job Connection can make hiring decisions for companies.

“Let us know what your experiences are. We’ll let you know the open positions we have and we’ll help you gear your resume towards that and help you get that position that you’re looking for,” Arrowood said.

Grace tells me he’s already getting some job offers now and he’s hoping his 16 years of work experience will send more companies his way.

“When you come to Twin Peaks and you get that 29 Degree draft beer and you see that ice foaming up at the top, that’s what I did,” Grace said.

Catch Grace’s full Facebook Live here.  ***WARNING*** Some of the language in this video may be too strong for certain audiences.  Viewer discretion is advised.