AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Augusta University and the nonprofit Clubhouse teamed up to host the first health technology expo at Augusta University today. 
This event not only benefited the people showcasing their technology ideas, but also businesses and people in the community seeking healthcare.

The Health Technology Startup Expo could potentially bring your ideas for improving healthcare to life.

Vahe Heboyan, the event organizer, said the expo brought together people with big ideas in health technology who wanted to start their own businesses. 
Innovators learned new skills, how to establish partnerships and much more.

“How to think further about an idea, who to reach out to, how to secure financing, early-stage financing in order to develop a product for technology or to start to launch your company,” Heboyan said. 

The expo showcased anything from medicine that aids in curing cancer to virtual wound care.

Corstrata, a successful startup out of Savannah, provides innovative wound care to eight facilities already.

“They can easily access the app on their smart device. with that app, they can either launch a video conversation with one of our wound experts or they can take a photo. That photo is securely sent to that expert, then she can review that photo and make a recommendation for treatment,” Katherine Piette, CEO of Corstrata said.

Heyoban said health technology benefits everyone: “It is important not only for our community, but for our country as well. We keep hearing all the time about soaring healthcare costs how it is going up. It’s not only going to improve the quality of healthcare, but also the cost of the healthcare.”

The new cyber security center will be an important component to health technology. Heboyan said health technology stores patient information, so it’s crucial that the innovations are secure and highly protected.