AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Saturday night, two cars were involved in an accident causing one of the cars to smash through The Haunted Pillar.

The landmark is said to be haunted and that anyone who removes it will be struck dead by lightening between 5th and Broad Street after a wreck destroyed it. Since the 1940s Augusta’s famous ‘Haunted Pillar’ has attracted a lot of attention, but in this case, the haunted pillar actually saved lives. Corey Tyler and the woman in the other car are both okay. But corey says this will haunt him forever!

Well its said the pillar was haunted and this and that and know they are trying to tear it down but you know the pillar actually saved our life last night because if it wasn’t for the pillar, we would’ve ran into the building last night” Corey Tyler, the victim said.

“That’s something that me and her can her can remember for a lifetime, we have kids, we can tell them that we knocked down a statue that was haunted, they end up saving both of us last night” he added.

Tyler came back Sunday morning to make sure he didn’t leave anything behind, but all that was left were pieces that couldn’t be fixed.

“We both destroyed each other car but she was like ‘aw your truck was so pretty’ and this and that and I was like man I’m glad that me and you both here. That was just materialistic, i can get another car, but we walked away in good hands, you don’t have nothing but one life you know, so you have to cherish it,” Tyler said.

NewChannels 6 has not heard from officials about this matter.