AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A war of words when it comes to commissioners reaction to a police raid on a local restaurant.

Southbound Smokehouse has closed after being cited for serving minors and operating a dance hall without a license.

On Newschannel 6, Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight called the Sheriff’s Office raid on the business, “harsh.”

Commissioner Ben Hasan now saying his colleagues should be taking their concerns to the Sheriff, and not the media.

“We put ourselves in bad shape when we don’t go and sit down and talk to the Sheriff and ask him what happen through this process I made a call and asked had any of my colleagues spoke to him and he said no so I think it’s unfair to law enforcement when we start doing that as well,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

Hasan says he would not have supported suspending the restaurant licenses and would have voted in favor of probation.