COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- Turning tassels and tossing caps to the sky , more than 200 students at Harlem High School walked the stage, on their way to bigger things.

“It just feels very special like I feel very loved today and like what I’ve done in the past four years and really all 14 years of school have paid off,” said Morgan Gunby, Valedictorian.

The students gained many memories during their high school experience.

The Harlem Bulldogs baseball team brought home a state championship. The football team won a regional championship, both for the first time in more than 30 years.

Student athlete Mathew Williams says he’s grateful for the support during the season.

“It’s great because the faculty, the students they treat you like one of their own you know like you’re not really a student athlete like you’re one of the students so it’s really welcoming,” said Williams.

Both graduates say now that this experience is over, they are blessed to have the city of Harlem behind them.

“I truly would not have wanted to grow up anywhere other then Harlem , Harlem is a very special place we all truly are like family so it’s very bittersweet today,” said Gunby.

“My dad was in the military so I was a military child so I moved around you know when I came here they treated me like family they welcomed me in like I was one of their own I’m really grateful for them for doing that,” said Williams.

Congrats to the class of 2023!