People of all ages gathered at the lake Sunday morning to compete in the sailboat competition. 

“So this is our biggest event and it’s one of the biggest, actually, in the south east. We have about 160 boats from all over– really the south east– even people come down from Ohio, Virginia, we’ve had people here from California before.” 

This annual competition began on Friday and ran through the weekend. 

The Augusta Sailing Club is volunteer-run. Members of the club help to put events like these together. 

“So everything that happens here is because of the volunteers. We have one person that’s on our staff that is our overall caretaker of the property, but other than that– all the events, all the pick up, all the projects are all from members volunteering their time.”

Children from ages five to 12 also competed in the four-course competition.

“I’m out here because of my sister, she’s racing. She’s out here because of her brother.”

A high schooler from Aquinas High says sailing is a tradition that became her passion.

“My dad grew up sailing and so does his dad. So, when we moved down here and learned that we had a sailing club at our lake, it really was just natural for us to come down. My dad actually bought me a boat without asking me and just hoped that I would like it, and luckily enough I did like it. I love sailing so much, I don’t think I could live without it.”

And Putnam would agree he says it’s something that’s become a part of who he is.

“The great thing about it is, is having grown up in the sport and grown up in the area doing it– all these people here this weekend are people I grew up with. Um, so it’s kind of like a lifelong sport, a lifelong connection.”