Gun shop owners react to changes made at DICK’s Sporting Goods


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Local gun store owners expect to see more people walking into their places of business.

“We welcome anybody that is looking for these items that they’re getting ready to pull from their shelves or stop selling,” said Buddy Lichty, Shooters Indoor Range and Gun Shop Owner.

Steven Fishman, who owns Sidney’s Department Store & Uniforms Inc., feels the same way.

“I would hope that people would buy from me before they even go to DICK’s. I don’t think I need to be the default here.”

Two local gun shop owners have their doors open after DICK’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack announced the company will no long sell assault-style rifles. The news comes after reports that alleged Parkland, Florida high school shooter Nikolas Cruz bought a gun at DICK’s last year.

“Everybody talks about thoughts and prayers going out to them and that’s great, but that doesn’t really do anything,” Stack told viewers on national television Wednesday morning.

Lichty told us the incident, like most mass shooting fall outs, has sent people into his store buying more of what’s being banned at DICK’s. And it’s not just the guns. DICK’s is also banning what Lichty just got a shipment of; high capacity magazines. He also isn’t following DICK’s with its pledge to not sell to anyone younger than 21.

He added, “Why not? I’m a capitalist, if you will. But, I’m also a supporter of the second amendment. These AR-15s. They are not assault rifles. The AR stands for ArmaLite Corporation.”

Downtown at Sidney’s Department Store and Uniforms Inc., owner Steven Fishman said the modern sporting firearm being banned at DICK’s performs much like the rile of old days still for sale.

“We had parents giving these to children 6 to 9 years of age. But it also has a removable magazine, and it also can come with a drop down grip,” he said.

Lichty said he’s not sure why modern sporting rifles such as the AR 15 gets confused with assault rifles. But he said a ban is not the issue. Rather multiple problems with the system.

Lichty added, “The system is broken. How many times were law enforcement and the FBI contacted about this shooter in the Florida incident and their was no action taken?”

The changes go in effect Wednesday.

Academy Sports also weighed in on the changes releasing this statement:

“We serve a broad base of customers, and outdoor sports, including hunting and shooting sports, are an important tradition and recreational activity for many of our customers and their families. We are strongly committed to ensuring the legal, safe and responsible transfer of firearms. We follow all applicable regulations relating to the sale of firearms and regularly review our internal policies and processes to ensure our legal and responsible sale of firearms and encourage safe usage and ownership. As a Federal Firearms Licensee, we support the Fix NICS Bill to strengthen the background check system and require greater compliance with the law.”

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