GRU Launches Their Cyber Institute

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Georgia Regents University is helping contribute to make Augusta a leader in the nation for Cyber Command.

The University is launching their new cyber institute this summer for students.  

GRU Professors who are really pushing the program have said the understanding of Cyber security is becoming more and more important every day. Whether you’re studying to work with Cyber Command in the future, or you just simply own a computer, Cyber security affects everyone.

“You just have to look at even the headlines today to know how important it is, but every citizen, everyone, we are a part of the solution, we are part of the problem,” Dr. Joanne Sexton the Director of Cyber Education Initiatives for GRU said.

With Cyber Command coming to Fort Gordon Dr. Joanne Sexton and Dr. Gretchen Caughman with GRU expect this to be a booming business in the area. They both feel that now is the time to start to get people in our area on the high tech track.

Dr. Caughman says she wants to expose students to the program, who are interested, and some who maybe didn’t know they were interested.

The program announcement comes at a time where the US Government has been hacked again, so this isn’t something just for the future, it’s as current as today.

“For all of us it’s scary. Unfortunately it’s not the last one we’re going to hear about, but that’s why it’s critical for all of us to get as much knowledge as we can,” Dr. Sexton explained.

Of course this program is only effective as long as people are interested in it, but Sexton says that won’t be a problem with a zero unemployment rate.

“We don’t have to do a lot of marketing because everybody understands how critical these skills are to their future.”

GRU will hold a Summer Academy for anyone interested in Cyber Defense. Dr. Caughman said kids as young as middle school have shown interest in this program.

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