GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – This synthetic substance can be mistaken for any other drug and officers want you to know the danger.   

Jabari Bostick

Thousands of suspected Fentanyl pills found in an apartment near overlook drive in Grovetown.

The Grovetown Police Department was doing a search for several people on probation. Officers arrested Jabari Bostick. They say they found marijuana and thousands of fentanyl pills. 

‘Almost 10 pounds of marijuana sealed in all different types of manners approximately 4,000 or so pressed fentanyl pills that were shaped to look or appear to be Xanax pills but were actual fentanyl,” said Sgt. William Loomer, Grovetown Police Department.

Fentanyl is known to be one of the most dangerous drugs and can be mixed in with marijuana. Sgt. Loomer says the department is urging people to be aware.

“I would really urge the public especially with the increase of opioid overdoses especially fentanyl overdoses if you choose to partake in marijuana be very aware of your sources or whatever it is that you’re doing because as you’ve seen sometimes these go hand and hand.”

He also says a discovery of this amount of Fentanyl  is uncommon.

Courtesy of Grovetown Police Department

“But you got to remember there’s also a supply chain for stuff like this especially when you’re talking pounds of a drug the next person that stuff gets passed on to may not be distributing fentanyl and marijuana but it’s too late because the fentanyl may have been all around the marijuana.”

This case is still being investigated by the Grovetown Police Department they also say additional charges may be forthcoming.