AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s been over two years since a Martinez man died from a drug overdose.

The Grovetown man accused of giving him the drugs was sentenced today. 

Twenty-eight year old Alex King died in July 2020 after taking fentanyl-laced pills. 

The man accused of selling him the drugs, Colin Magill, was sentenced on Wednesday morning in Columbia County.

“Fentanyl is a silent killer,” said Superior Court Judge, Sheryl B. Jolly. “It is a drug you cannot see, you cannot taste, you cannot smell.”

Magill was offered a plea deal and plead guilty to Possession of Schedule II Drugs with Intent to Distribute – he was sentenced to five years in jail and 20 years probation.

Earlier this year, District Attorney Bobby Christine announced grand jury indictment for felony murder after Magill’s arrest – a charge carrying a sentence of life imprisonment.

“If you peddle illicit narcotics in our community and a death results,” said Christine. “If we can develop appropriate facts, we will pursue you and charge you with murder.”

Bryan Lugo, Alex’s stepfather, has been hopeful for a felony murder sentence ever since.

“It’s been really difficult as a family,” said Lugo. “I mean, we lost Alex, our son. It’s heartbreaking. It’s torture. And we just want to have him get justice for his death. We didn’t want his death to be in vain. But, unfortunately, the legal system right now, the way that it came down, we just feel that his death was just pushed aside.”     

Alex’s stepfather made a 20-minute victim’s impact statement on the stand. 

He says, now, the family wants to memorialize Alex the best way they can.

“His family has not forgotten about him,” said Lugo. “You know, look into ways we can help protect people and use his name and his death to help combat fentanyl poisoning.”