Grovetown Greenway plans include 27 miles of paths and loops for outdoor activities


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And now for today’s show:  Andrew Strickland and Russell Foster are here to talk about the proposed Columbia County Greenway.  This is a -big- deal and it can open a slew of opportunities for the area.

Work could begin as soon as next year.  NewsChannel 6’s Anne Maxwell has the story.

Andrew Strickland/ “Greenways are one of those things that I think now are really widely accepted and exciting for folks because they’ve seen other communities that have them.”

The greenway would build on the Euchee Creek Greenway in Grovetown, which is about a mile long.

“They want to have a place where they can take their families out to walk, to bike, to run.”

The county’s planning director says it would take engineers about six months to draw up the plans. Then construction would start.

“So at least within a year you would see something on the ground.”

And you would continue to see crews working on the project for at least a decade.

“I’m really optimistic. I want to say no more than ten years to get the entire thing– the entire 27 and a half miles done.”

That stretch wouldn’t be cheap, either.

“27 and a half miles of greenway costs just shy of $21 million, so it’s a pretty big ticket item. But it’s one of those things that you eat one bite at a time.”

Andrew Strickland, Columbia County Planning Director…  and  Russell Foster, Project Manager at the Augusta Canal, are here with more on how the greenway will benefit current residents and attract newcomers.

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