Grovetown councilman calls special meeting without knowledge of mayor; citizens outraged at local government


GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – A special-called Grovetown City Council meeting has the community and some councilmen fired up.

Last week Councilman Dennis Trudeau requested a special meeting, which according to Grovetown Mayor Gary Jones, he did not let some council members know.In a Facebook post, Mayor Jones informed people of the special-called council meeting by Councilmen Dennis Trudeau.

Jones says Trudeau wanted to get the ball rolling on hiring a “special counsel.”

At this time the City of Grovetown has an attorney. Still when Jones got wind of the session he urged people to stop by City Hall on Wednesday and find out why Councilman Trudeau asked to hire an outside agency to do the job.

A special called Grovetown City Council Meeting has the community and some councilmen fired up.

With an opening statement, Mayor Jones addressed the citizens of Grovetown. Jones asked for peace and order, despite growing tensions among his council.

“With exception to Councilman [Eric] Blair, this council has failed to support me and refuse to accept facts that criminal activity has transpired in City Hall,” Jones said.

“I think that city council members should not be able to call special secret meetings,” Grovetown resident, Louis Bowles said.

Mayor Jones says he has documents that show Councilman Trudeau went to Councilwoman Vickie Cook and Sylvia Martin about the session to try to hire local attorney Jack Long. While Trudeau says those documents don’t exist, he says Long needs to investigate allegations made against the mayor.

“We have employees that have been working under hostile conditions. A statement has been made that they are embezzling funds. Which is a lie.” Trudeau said.

Earlier this year Councilman Trudeau was against a forensic audit, claiming the city didn’t have the funds to afford it. Which stumped some councilmen, since he wanted to hire a private attorney at a rate of $300 per hour.

“Mr. Trudeau, you said in your own words you don’t think they are going to find anything. Why would we want to go waste city money when we have a fine attorney right there?” Councilman Eric Blair said.

At the meeting Trudeau failed to present any evidence of allegations made against the mayor, which ended in the council voting not to hire Long.

After the meeting Trudeau’s family lashed out after an outcome they weren’t expecting.

“When it’s one sided,” one of Trudeau’s family members told NewsChannel 6. When given a chance to tell their side, the family member said “Why would I step into your game now? You’re going to throw the city under the bus after this,” she said.

Jones requested that Trudeau resign from his position. On Wednesday night, Trudeau said he would not step down.

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