Grief support is an important part of coping with the loss of a loved one


"You've gotta ride this ride. Eventually, you'll get a paddle and you'll get a motor, but not right now." ~Dr. Andrew Menger

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– It’s the thing we don’t want to talk about, but it’s a reality during this pandemic: people are losing loved ones and family and friends aren’t in the position of being able to offer physical support right now.

And as one grief expert explains, that’s something we need as human beings.

The Reverend Dr. Andrew Menger leads a grief support group through Augusta’s Church of the Good Shepherd.

“Your presence at a funeral, your being able to hug someone or bid someone goodbye, suddenly that’s stripped away from you. We will develop new ways, maybe through technology, we may be doing virtual funerals, so to speak, online, we must develop ways in which our ritual behavior can be re-expressed.”

Menger says loss and death are hard at any level, but even more so now.

“But here we have an over-riding national grief, a national sense of anxiety which I think heightens loss. Death has an enormous hook that nothing else has. It doesn’t ask us. We suddenly face death and all the love in the world won’t keep a person here. We feel like, ‘I’m on a raft, I’m going down a raging river and I’m out of control,’ and indeed you are. You’ve gotta ride this ride, eventually you’ll get a paddle and you’ll get a motor, but not right now. You are along for the trip and life will take its course, death will take its course.”

Dr. Menger leads a grief support group through Church of the Good Shepherd. You can email him at the address on your screen for more information.

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