Greenbrier Middle School student charged with making terroristic threats


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a situation at Greenbrier Middle School involving a text message thread in which a 13-year-old student made terroristic threats towards another student.

In the text thread, the 13-year-old male, a student at Greenbrier, is alleged to have threatened another 13-year-old female, saying:

“I f****** hate [victim’s name redacted], she’s full of so much bull**** that its not even funny, I hope she gets dragged to h***, gets her eyes plucked out of her skull and her skull comes back to me so I can put it on my wall as a trophy! I hate her so much I want to do a school shooting and only kill her, it’ll be worth life in prison to even death.”

According to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, the school held an administrative hearing Monday, but did not contact the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office concerning the incident.

Tuesday morning, the victim’s mother called the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and told them about the incident, according to an incident narrative by the Sheriff’s Office. The mother requested the suspect be prosecuted for criminal charges.

Following an investigation that followed Tuesday, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office confirms that the 13-year-old male named in the incident is charged with making a terroristic threat. Since then, he has been released to his parents by a juvenile court judge.

Before being contacted by the mother of the target of the alleged threat, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office was not aware of the threat and had not been notified of the incident by either Greenbrier Middle School the Columbia County School System, according to a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office.

All crimes committed on school grounds are to be referred to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, the spokesperson said.

When asked about the incident, a spokesperson for the Columbia County School System said that they were investigating, but did not add further comment on why Columbia County Sheriff’s Office did not have a record of the incident prior to the parent reaching out Tuesday.

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